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I ran across lately have been several fatigue leaks within the exhaust process and that I had those fixed several days ago. I went back to the place I acquired the timing gear accomplished, the light was eliminated by them plus it came back on a single night. But certainly a amount are of other methods that could be causing issues such as this.

With regards to the section of the state you reside you ought to speak to your mechanic/oil-change person about changing to SAE or 10w40 30 to obtain a larger gas that won't flow as rapidly in to the combustion chamber. Hello I've a 2000 Land Rover Discovery that seems to keep well over 10 various spots over a 2.5 sqft location after being left. now I live in an area where it gets over 115 for your summer, although I have lived in an exceedingly cold climate, snow I have owned the car. I possess a 99 Companion (MT) and some weeks before, the analytical code on my check-engine light mentioned that the energy is working lean.